Time to Push Back in Toronto

Canada is less than a year out on re-legalizing cannabis, while in Toronto, under the zoning laws, medical cannabis shops are being raided.  Everyone is not working from the same understanding, eh?  Here’s more:

[Retail medical cannabis shops] some demanding a prescription and others not, started spreading across Toronto months ago. They flourished as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to legalize marijuana, with strict regulations, in 2017. Adding to the legal haze, a federal court judge in B.C. struck down a ban on medical-marijuana patients growing their own plants, giving Ottawa until August to bring its medical-marijuana law in line with the Charter.

The raids came after some residents and politicians voiced concern over the concentration of pot shops in some areas.
. . .
More than a dozen people appeared at Old City Hall on charges of contravening Toronto’s zoning bylaw that states only federal licensed marijuana distributors, who mail or courier pot, can operate — and only in industrial parts of Toronto. Most of the accused received disclosure of the case against them and a date to return for trial in August on the charges, which carry a maximum fine of $25,000 for individuals and $50,000 for corporations. In the May 26 raids by Toronto police and city licensing staff, many of the 90 people arrested were also hit with more serious Criminal Code drug trafficking charges.

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous and funny, actually,” Mercedes Carter, 26, who works at a Danforth Ave. dispensary, said of the zoning charges after appearing in court.

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[image:  marijuanapolitics.com]

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