To Delaware & Beyond

Let’s begin the week by raising our pipes in salute to Delaware, which has just decriminalized cannabis possession. 

In an effort to reduce prison populations for low level offenses, Governor Markell signed a controversial marijuana decriminalization bill that will take effect in six months, according to The News Journal. The bill, which was met with resistance from Republican representatives, allows residents of Delaware to possess no more than one ounce of marijuana for personal use at their domain, although police could still confiscate the drug. Full original post is HERE.

While that’s not re-legalization, it is a step, and a big one, in the right direction.  And, it’s on the east coast, which has yet to really chime in on bringing about the day of re-legalization.  So, all good.

We have 17 months till the next presidential election.  Sometime in the next year the issues of that campaign will be known.  We must insert the question of cannabis policy into that national debate.  We will speed re-legalization up considerably if the Presidential campaign is about cannabis re-legalization.  You can help in this effort.

For the next little-forever all the discussion in America will be about politics.  So go to rally’s — any rally — and ask questions about this candidate’s position  on cannabis.  Don’t worry about the particular office or the candidate or the forum.  Everywhere people turn let’s let them hear about cannabis.  Talk to people, ask questions, contact candidates on their social media platforms.  Get busy.

Let’s make every candidate out themselves.  We can do this.  The walls are coming down. 

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Author: DavidB

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