About Tomorrow: We Fight Over Scheduling

Last week the DEA decided to keep cannabis as a schedule 1 drug.  Just in case you missed it, here is a quick catch-up:

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has rejected a pair of administrative rescheduling petitions challenging the federal classification of cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance with no accepted medical utility. The decision continues to classify marijuana in the same category as heroin.
. . .
The DEA has previously rejected several other rescheduling petitions, including a 2002 petition filed by a coalition of marijuana law reform and health advocacy organizations, and a 1972 petition filed by NORML. The petitions that triggered this latest DEA action were filed in 2009 by a nurse practitioner and in 2011 by then-Govs. Christine Gregoire of Washington and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island.

Now, the revelation of the “Master Plan.” “Master Plan” is a registered trademark of the ConHugeCo Corporation, a division of WeSaySo, Inc.

” . . . in a separate announcement, the agency said that it is adopting policy changes designed to expand the production of research-grade cannabis for FDA-approved clinical protocols. Presently, any clinical trial involving cannabis must access source material cultivated at the University of Mississippi – an arbitrary prohibition that is not in place for other controlled substances. Today, the agency announced for the first time that it will consider applications from multiple parties, including private entities, to produce marijuana for FDA-approved research protocols as well as for “commercial product development.”

It will take 20 years to approve applications, and another 20 to write the regulations, and another 20 to get the system up and running. All hail the “Master Plan.”

Find the complete DEA story HERE.

Friends, “considering applications” is a long, long way from seeds touching soil. I’m calling bullshit. This whole program is a stall. The heart of the DEA rejection — this time — to re-scheduling cannabis was the lack of scientific research on cannabis. Surprise! The lack of research is caused by the guy saying “no” because of the lack of research. Oh, fuck me.

Know what? I say “good.” Now we can see the fight.  We will fight over the question of scheduling. We have set out the issue. Against the fear and lies of cannabis prohibition we must speak only truth to power.  We are not, and have no need to be, afraid of the fight that is coming. And, since we can see it coming, shame on us if we are not ready.

What shall we use as our catchphrase?  ONE OR NONE? Or NONE > 1?  Why should cannabis be on ANY Controlled Substances Schedule? Attend:

Commenting on the DEA’s actions, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “While this announcement is a significant step toward better facilitating and expanding clinical investigations into cannabis’ therapeutic efficacy, ample scientific evidence already exists to remove cannabis from its schedule I classification and to acknowledge its relative safety compared to other scheduled substances, like opioids, and unscheduled substances, such as alcohol. Ultimately, the federal government ought to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act altogether in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco, thus providing states the power to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal intrusion.”

What will carry the day is for all of us to show ourselves during this upcoming election. We have to push ourselves to the front of the room. We must do this everywhere over the next three months. It is time for all of us to show ourselves. It is time to Come Out for Cannabis.

[image:  pagan.net]

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