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Labor Day has passed.  About ten weeks to the election.  Ten weeks till nine states — four considering medical use; five considering outright re-legalization — answer ballot questions about cannabis.  It is time for a big push lasting all the way to election day.

At Hail Mary Jane we say “work to re-legalize” on the street where you live. Now we are going to ask you to add one more task to your day. Pick out one of these campaigns:

MEDICAL: Florida; Arkansas; Missouri; Montana

RE-LEGALIZE: Arizona; California; Massachusetts; Maine; Nevada

And do something to help them. They all are staffing phone banks — can you make some calls? They are all contacting legislators — can you write an email? They all need money. Will you donate 10% of your next cannabis purchase to make that purchase lawful and thus no-longer-risky? Just what is that change worth — TO YOU?

A super-majority of the population of the planet knows cannabis prohibition failed. That same group is ready to try a new approach. They just don’t know what that means. We must show them that new approach. A regulated market, such as already exists for alcohol and tobacco is familiar to the super-majority. They understand cannabis availability via such a market. This makes sense to them. This should be our simple presentation. We can and will work out all the specifics after this sea change in attitude becomes the will of the people and the guiding spirit in the law.

If you do not live in one of these nine on-the-ballot locations, help out in the one physically closest to where you do live. It will exert some not-so-subtle pressure on your power establishment to have legal cannabis right next door. Your not-legal-state will get a close look at lost tax revenue. And we at HMJ continue to believe it will be tax revenue that ultimately ransoms both the cannabis plant and ourselves.

We’ll pay. Talk price.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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