About Tomorrow: Remember — It’s a Fight

As we slide into what hopefully turns out to be a stoney weekend, let’s pause and remember, that while more and more states line up to re-legalize the cannabis plant, there are others out there who will fight us — and stop us — if they can.  In FLORIDA,

The family that founded the Publix supermarket chain has given $800,000 to a lobbying group fighting the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

The trust of Carol Jenkins Barnett, the chairwoman and president of Publix, made the donation earlier this month to the Drug Free Florida Committee, The Ledger reports, citing financial disclosure records from the Florida Division of Elections. The group is opposed to Amendment 2, a measure up for a statewide vote in November that would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for certain debilitating illnesses . . .

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That’s a chunk of change to give to stop what is going to happen.  This issue really is shaping up as “how long will it take to re-legalize America?”  The more of us who get involved in some way — any way — the less time the process will take.  And all is not well in the re-legalized zones.  It’s the IRS this time:

. . . according to tax lawyers, accountants, and business owners in the state, who say the federal agency is auditing the cannabis entrepreneurs for tax years 2014 and 2015, possibly because they failed to fill out form 8300 — a document that businesses file when they make cash deposits over $10,000. Some companies are also having issues with tax code 280e, which was created for drug traffickers and does not allow for normal business deductions.

Whether the audits are civil or criminal is unclear, according to tax attorney James Thorburn of Thorburn Walker LLC, who is representing some of the business owners. One audit letter obtained by Inc. was sent from the IRS’s fraud group. “When you see something about criminal investigations and fraud, it typically is not a civil audit,” he says.

However, Thorburn says that when he questioned an IRS agent about the specific department, the agent said he used “inappropriate letterhead” and is no longer part of the fraud group. Still, “I am telling my clients that there is potential for criminal charges,” Thorburn says.

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Inappropriate letterhead?  (shrug)  Intentional inappropriate thinly-veiled-threat letterhead?  Yes.

See?  Running away to the liberated zone still carries some risk. It would be a better idea to set everywhere free, then we can all just stay at home. 

Finally, just so you won’t think everything is dire, here’s a bit on making sure someone will serve the, economically speaking, “low end” of the cannabis market:

In considering potential markets to target, investors might overlook low-income consumers given their limited budgets and corresponding limited spending capacity. But to overlook this consumer group would be a mistake. According to data collected by Brightfield Group from over 1,200 medical marijuana patients throughout California in 2016, low-income users make up nearly a third of marijuana patients, are loyal customers, and tend to use more product per person than higher-income consumers do. Furthermore, as most branded products are competing in the Standard or Premium segments, the Economy segment is wide open.

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Hail Mary Jane says grow your own. The best cannabis you will ever consume is the cannabis you create yourself. Visit GroSkool if you need a teacher.  [There’s GroSkool and GroSkool 2.0, each running seed-to-consumption.  Either or both have space for one more student.]

It’s a fight, kids.  One we are going to win.  The more people get involved the quicker we get to the good stuff.  I’m all in favor of good stuff.

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