About Tomorrow: Schedule One or Schedule None?

There is one fundamental issue that all cannabis users — recreational and medical, spiritual and party-people — can all focus on as one.  That ever-so-basic issue is


Thanks to the machinations of resigned-in-disgrace President Richard M. Nixon, cannabis is listed in Schedule 1. Schedule 1 substances have no recognized medical value and a high probability of being abused. Interestingly, these definitions are not the reason cannabis is in Schedule 1. But cannabis, the ancient friend and ally of humanity has borne the stigma of Schedule 1 since the early 1970’s. This one decision, this one lie — the placing of cannabis in Schedule 1 — is now the reason the federal government won’t budge on cannabis reform.

We could remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act altogether. The state’s would then be free to regulate cannabis just like they regulate alcohol and tobacco today. Neither alcohol or tobacco come under the CSA.


Pick one or two of your favorite untruths about cannabis and mold an argument around cannabis and Schedule 1. Maybe something like this:

Children should not consume cannabis, tobacco or alcohol. It is hard for kids to get tobacco and alcohol (not impossible, just more work than it’s worth for most). That’s because both products are sold in a regulated market. When’s the last time you saw a minor walk out of a liquor store with a brown paper bag, or a juvenile come out of the drug store with a pack of smokes?

Cannabis is unregulated and, by most accounts, easy for kids to acquire. What if the state regulated cannabis like alcohol and tobacco? Would that make it harder / help keep kids away from cannabis? This sensible fix is not possible while cannabis is on Schedule 1.

SCHEDULE 1 OR SCHEDULE NONE? ONE OR NONE? The answer that makes sense, the answer that is supported by evidence is NONE. Cannabis does not belong on the schedules of the Controlled Substances Act.

It will increase the weight of our efforts if everyone, everywhere, starts fighting the same fight. We all need to hit the same target. With all of us working the same agenda we can remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. When that change happens, at all levels, we, you and I, people who care about the plant must be the people who actually write the new rules.  If we don’t Richard Nixon’s ghost will do it for us.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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