About Tomorrow: When All the Strains Have Names

The first cannabis I enjoyed in this lifetime came wrapped in butcher paper,  contained an abundance of seeds and stems (this could be a substantial percentage of the weight), and would not even be recognized as smokable in today’s market.  It did get one high.  It was the fall of 1970 and I was a freshman in college.
Enter President Richard Nixon. My uncle, out of respect for the the office of president, refused to call him “Tricky Dick.” He called him “Crafty Richard.” Nixon’s “war on (some) drugs” drove cannabis production indoors and underground. Into the hands of people who love the plant enough to risk the law. Into the imaginations of secret gardens and gardeners who saw potential.

And today we live in a time of named strains, names that are coming to actually mean something — a predictable effect. You can find a cannabis plant that does what you want done. Cannabis is the plant so friendly to humankind that it can get you high as fuck without a hangover or keep your child from suffering debilitating seizures. I don’t know any human who brings that kind of range to the game of life, but I know one plant which does just that, every day.

A lesson in unintended consequences for resigned in disgrace ex-President Nixon.

This next election is going to be crucial for the re-legalize the cannabis plant. If certain politicians, no longer looking for the top spot, end up, instead, in positions of power in the next administration, then implacable opponents of the cannabis plant will be in position to strangle all the progress we have made. It’s not just who is on top — it’s who they bring with them. Know what the candidates asking for YOUR vote say they will do about re-legalization. Then decide if you believe them. They are just politicians after all. Then vote.

Six months from now we will know if we are going back underground [NO] or if we have a new bully to contend with. Ain’t no backing down now. This train don’t stop till the world is re-legalized.

You on board?

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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