About Tomorrow: What If Trump Wins?

We are five months and two weeks from the 2016 election.  If the Democrats pick Bernie Sanders as their presidential candidate all the polls to date show he defeats Republican, Donald Trump handily [assuming Trump is that party’s candidate].  Out of the current crop of candidates Bernie seems to be the green knight many of us want to see in office.


If the Dem’s pick Hillary Clinton the outcome of the election becomes much more in doubt.  While both Donald and Hillary spout cannabis as a state-to-decide issue [assuming you believe much of anything which comes out of the mouth of a politician] here’s something we do know.  Trump’s inner circle, the people he listens to, the other hopefuls Trump defeated for the Republican nomination, none of them like cannabis and will work against re-legalizing the plant.  Again, assuming a Trump presidency, lots of these people are going to be in power positions in a Trump administration.

For heaven’s sake Trump’s people still spout the “gateway” theory.  Never having heard a word of truth about cannabis they deny the truth when it is presented.  So, what do we do if Trump wins?  A Trump presidency is not idle talk — it could happen.

Having come so far towards general re-legalization we must not give up these gains because we are afraid of a fight with the next administration.  Mass civil disobedience might be one way to go. Study your Gahandi and Dr. King.  Depending on how “out” one is it might be possible to slip back underground.  You going to run away?  We must not let fear take over.  We must not run and hide.

We need to be talking about this — now — before a decision is required.   If we fail who knows how long it will take to return to this place and time, if ever. We must find our heart and our courage and keep pushing our issue — hard.  Whoever the next president turns out to be let’s give him or her 10 free states and over half the country allowing medical cannabis.

Most of all we need to get the closeted tokers out in the open.  We all need to Come Out for Cannabis.

See you on the barricades.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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