About Tomorrow: Watching in Real Time

In 1968, protestors at the Democratic convention in Chicago chanted “the whole world is watching” as police assaulted crowds of Americans exercising their God-given right to object to what their government was doing (in Vietnam, this particular instance).  What happened was later described as a “police riot.”   Police hurting the people they swore to protect and serve.  Go figure.

In that place and time “the whole world is watching” meant news reporters from around the world were on hand to film whatever happened and then report it on the evening news. That was state of the art in 1968.  Just a few days ago democrats in the House of Representatives expressed their frustration over gun-control no-rules by holding an old-fashioned sit down strike on the floor (literally) of the House chamber. And, again, the whole world was watching — but this time in real time via social media.

We can all, in essence, be in the same place at the same time. If you know what a party-line telephone was, or if, like me, you remember them, what social media can-do is amazing.

Let’s turn social media loose in all the places where cannabis is on the ballot in November.  For medical cannabis that means Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Montana and Oklahoma.  For recreational legalization look to Maine, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Arizona and North Dakota.  If you live in any of these soon-to-be-liberated areas get off your ass and make sure you and all your stoner buddies vote.  Time to push the walls of cannabis prohibition over.

We will all share the day of re-legalization, together, in real time.  We shall toke together in cyberspace.  The other day Hail Mary Jane had guests from six continents simultaneously. WTF Antarctica?  People on six continents all want the same thing — the re-legalization of the cannabis plant.  Lots of good energy there.

On the day of re-legalization stop in to Hail Mary Jane and share a legal bowl with your friends from all over the world. Need a light? 

[images:  paganspace.net; haikudeck.com; sfgate.com]

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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