Top 10 Stoner Songs of 2011

Like years in the past we got a ton of great marijuana related songs in 2011. As you know we choose one or two songs a week to spotlight as our Stoner Song Of The Week. We don’t always choose the most popular ones, but the ones we like the best. So this isn’t the top 10 most popular weed songs of 2011. This is HMJ’s favorite weed songs of 2011. You will see artists you have never heard of but that have released good weed song this year. From underground to mainstream we have it all on our Stoner Song Of The Week posts. Here are our favorites from the year that was 2011.

1. Time – Organic Relaxation

Time is no stranger to HMJ. He is a real cool dude from Ohio who has been supported by HMJ for awhile now. This one landed on his mixtape Overgrind 2.

Download: Time – Organic Relaxation

2. Project Pat ft Juicy J – Kelly Green

Project Pat released one of my favorite albums of the year called Loudpack. Unfortunately this was the only weed based song from the album, but one of my favorites of the year. Juicy J also had a ton of weed songs in 2011 but we think this is the best.

Download: Project Pat ft Juicy J – Kelly Green

3. LPMD – Prop. 19

LPMD is from Cali and one half of the group is a former member of Yellowcard. Crazy, right? I still have a few hard copies of their albums if anyone would like one. Email me at for a free copy.

Download: LPMD – Prop. 19

4. A$AP Rocky – Roll One Up (Prod By DJ Burn One)

A$AP Rocky was one of my favorite new artists of 2011. He created such a big buzz so quickly at the end of 2011. He dropped one of the best mixtapes too called LiveLoveA$AP. This was one of the few weed songs that made its way onto the tape. Plus we got Burn One on the beat which always makes for some southern sounding greatness.

Download: A$AP Rocky – Roll One Up (Prod By DJ Burn One)

5. Rickie Jacobs ft Rome – Next Fryday (Prod. Trey Michaels)

Mr. Jacobs from the DMV let go a very nice album this summer and also blessed us with a weed track for our 4/20/2011 Mixtape. With a sample from Dr. Dre’s Xplosive, Rome and Rickie make Fryday a much better day.

Download: Rickie Jacobs ft Rome – Next Fryday

6. Lloyal – The Smoke Over

This one is from one of our writers we call Lloyal. This on his The Smoke Over mixtape. It has by far my favorite sample of all these songs in it from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

Download: Lloyal – The Smoke Over

7. Lon-G – Papers & Blunts

Lon-G smokes papers and blunts like me. I don’t care what it is as long as it is getting me high and tastes good. The beat takes Bone Thugs’ “First of the Month” and mixes it a little difference. Make sure you check out the rest of Lon’s weed songs here.

Download: Lon-G – Papers & Blunts

8. Black Mic – If It Ain’t That Kush

A Detroit native who made the move out to Cali to pursue his rap career in the year of 2011. He seems to be doing great by working on multiple projects out there. He let this one go before he was officially out in Cali. We all know we ain’t hitting it unless it’s that good stuff. #TeamNoReggies

Download: Black Mic – If It Ain’t That Kush

9. Nikkiya feat. Tech N9ne & Rittz – When I Was High (Remix)

Nikkiya was a new female emcee of 2011 and had a nice year. She had a big buzz behind her original When I Was High, but made a bigger impact with the remix. Grabbing Tech Nina and Rittz for a huge remix.

Download: Nikkiya feat. Tech N9ne & Rittz – When I Was High (Remix)

10. Ray Tay Ft TreeHead, Lloyal – Baked (Prod. By Time)

This song means a lot to me. I put together this track on my own. I got the beat and the artists together to create one of my favorite weed songs of the year. I was hoping to get it on our 4/20/2011 Mixtape but it wasn’t ready in time for it. So I released it on it’s own. Big thanks to Ray Tay, TreeHead, Lloyal, and Time for helping me put this together.

Download: Ray Tay Ft TreeHead, Lloyal – Baked (Prod. By Time)

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