Top 25 Places To Smoke Marijuana In The World


Does BuzzFeeds list put the countries in the right order?

25. North Korea
24. Estonia
23. Brazil
22. Nepal
21. Costa Rica
20. Germany
19. US
18. Argentina
17. Mexico
16. Belgium
15. Canada
14. India
13. Peru
12. Columbia
11. Czech Republic
10. Croatia
9. Chile
8. Jamaica
7. Ecuador
6. Australia
5. Portugal
4. Switzerland
3. The Netherlands
2. Spain
1. Uruguay

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  • dave

    Croatia? The weed there is shit and entrapment is legal!

  • CCC9

    Who knows what on Switzerland?

  • Bob Hashgreen

    You guys should know better,why is there no mention of South Africa? We Africans grow some of the best weed on the planet, Durban Poison (my hometown), Swazi Gold, Rooibaard, Malawi Gold and a host of Sativa/indica cross strains. The cops are corrupt and generally find it a waste of time to arrest stoners, most South Africans either smoke weed or dont give a shit who smokes it. It is cheaper than anywhere else in the world, a good grade Swazi will set you back about R200 for 100 grams (US$20-00) It is a traditional herb in many African cultures. I think you guys should rate us in the top 5. If you dont believe me, come visit me and have a bong.

  • Niko V Ford

    North Korea? uhmm, what…
    and Jamaica is #1 still… marijuana is naturally associated with us, and you can more easily buy a spliff than a cigarette here ;l)

    • http://www.hailmaryjane.com/author/semibiz/ Semi

      It is easy to get weed in Jamaica but the quality definitely varies from the country to city. I got some decent buds in Tivoli Gardens but St Ann was booboo :(

  • Carl Convery

    Aww Ireland didn’t make the cut… Kinda understand why!

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