Top 25 Stoner Athletes

Complex gives us another great stoner related list. This time with the Top 25 Stoner Athletes. Being a stoner athlete myself, I can say weed has never been an issue in any sport I play. It has never slowed me down or hurt my stamina. The only thing that has are cigarettes. So like these professional athletes, I stay in sports while high. I doubt these athletes play stoned like I do but I don’t have contracts for millions of dollars on the line. I’m sure they love burning after the games. A very good Top 10 with a few players on the list that I didn’t know smoked the ganj.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2. Randy Moss

3. Michael Phelps

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

5. Ricky Williams

6. Bill Walton

7. Tim Lincecum

8. Michael Vick

9. Warren Sapp

10. Ross Rebagliati

See 11-25 here.

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