Tourists Banned From [Southern] Dutch Coffee Shops Starting in 2012

We mentioned this earlier this year, but now there’s a date. Come January 1st, 2012, the Netherlands has banned tourists from its world famous coffee shops. But, hold up for a moment. It’s actually just southern Holland where this will take effect. The rest of the country joins in 2013. Sorry, that’s just delayed bad news. More after the jump.

Forbes’ Beth Greenfield with a condescending lead (not lede a__holes), if I’ve ever read one:

Nice going, stoners. Your dopey, college-dorm behavior has put us all in the weeds, getting us banned from one of the Netherlands’ most beloved tourist resources: cannabis cafes.

The new measure ‘”will come into force for the (southern) provinces of Limburg, North-Brabant and Zeeland, the provinces most affected by drug tourism, on January 1,’ justice ministry spokeswoman Charlotte Menten told AFP” from the NY Daily News.

The policy, as we’ve noted, seeks to cut down on  “traffic jams, nocturnal disturbances, and the abundance of drug pushers catering to the millions of foreign tourists drawn to the Netherlands by its relaxed marijuana laws.”

Oh, so traffic and night time noises can be blamed on cannabis? Gotcha.

Not only will tourists be banned from partaking in the cannabis cafes in the south of Holland, but the cannabis shops themselves have to limit the amount of THC in the buds they sell. Anything over 15% THC is banned, as it’s considered on par with cocaine and heroin. WHAT!

Via the UK Telegraph:

The ban will apply to cannabis with a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is expected to be set at 15 per cent. […] The decision will be a major blow to the country’s cannabis cafés because some 80 per cent of the marijuana sold is grown in the Netherlands, with a THC content of between 15 and 18 per cent.
Even though Beth Greenfield took a haughty tone towards cannabis users in her lead, she finished off her Forbes post with some conclusions we can get behind. “Seriously, though: Are foreign stoners really the ones to blame? Or is it a creeping, D.C.-influenced, anti-drug conservatism?”
Cannabis isn’t nearly as dangerous as cocaine or heroin. Regardless of cocaine and heroin’s addictive qualities, which vastly override cannabis’ occasional psychological hold, heroin and cocaine routinely kills users. Cannabis never does.
When Holland is cracking down and overreacting to cannabis’ influence on the general welfare of its constituents, where do recreational or medical cannabis users find refuge?

[NY Daily News; Forbes; Telegraph; pics via Flickr/Pieter66 & Qaiser18]

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