U.S. Attorney Advises “Grow Yer Own”?

Is a United States Attorney advising medical marijuana patients to “grow their own?”  The honest answer is, “not directly,” but . . .  Judge for yourself.  As reported in PRWeb, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California Benjamin Wagner, said he’s not going after medical marijuana patients and caregivers, but he is cracking down on interstate transporters, huge pot farmers and illicit dispensaries grossing tens of thousands of dollars per day. He also issued a warning to large-scale pot farmers that a season of raids in the Central Valley is coming in 2012.

Break down that statement “not going after patients and caregivers.” If that was true, where could it / would it lead?   Later, our attorney says he IS going after dispensaries.  Can I count on getting my medicine at a dispensary?  How can I know? Uncertainty.

Now we reach the business angle to this story.  A company called Phototron Holdings — yes the same Phototron you saw an ad for and thought about buying the first time you read an issue of High Times — takes that statement by the U.S. Attorney and pops out a press release for the Phototron growing system.  Love that. As subtle as a thumb in the eye.

What they say is: [Phototron] believes the continued [federal] crackdown, which has resulted in the closure of hundreds of dispensaries and seizures of numerous large-scale cannabis grow operations, is making personal indoor growing systems more attractive to medical marijuana patients.

“Medical marijuana patients have fewer options for obtaining their medication safely, and in many places are faced with having to travel long distances or get untested medication off the street,” said Craig Ellins, Phototron’s CEO. “So patients are increasingly growing their own medication, and Phototron’s indoor systems are perfect for personal use.”

The rest of the press release is a commercial for their products.  That’s pretty much the definition of a press release anyway.  Just wanted to give some props to a company with a creative sense of advertising.

[image: google images law]

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