UFC 103 Franklin vs. Belfort

I’m a long time UFC fan. I’ve known of  it’s existence since it first hit pay-per-view, and I remember my father buying UFC 1 for me on PPV, and it was incredible. My father not being a rich man, we couldn’t afford to buy the PPV’s, and over time I drifted away from the sport.

But over the last several months I have been recording everything off of Spike TV relating to the UFC, and have been watching hundreds of hours of fighting. I’m not really sure why I returned to watching mixed martial arts, other than the fact that I’ve become disillusioned with some of my favorite sports, namely baseball.

The upcoming UFC PPV Main Event will feature two former champions of the octagon, Rich Franklin against Vito Belfort. I’ve seen many of Franklin’s fights, and being a hometown boy (Cincinnati), I’m rooting for him. He doesn’t really do anything flashy, but always turns out a skilled, workman-like performance, that has led him to a 27 and 4 record.

Belfort, on the other hand, is explosive, and if he still has his speed, Franklin will have to turn out one of the best performance’s of his career to come out on top.

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Author: Stoner Jesus

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