UFCW Aiding in Battle Against Fed Medical Marijuana Shutdown Threats

Great news for all us greenies out there! The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), North America’s largest retail worker organization is standing behind the medical cannabis clubs and dispensaries in California. This is important mainly because of the sheer size of the organization alone, 1.3 million, and the fact that they’re at the forefront helping support the cause, meaning it will be a lot harder for the feds to waltz right into California and start doing whatever they please. Now it’s certain that if the feds do end up following through with their previous threats to shut down cannabis clubs in California, we won’t be going down easily and there will be a fight.

‘I have a good middle class American job with good health benefits and a pension I can look forward to,’ said Larry Richards, a UFCW Local 5 member and a manager at the Blue Sky Dispensary in Oakland, California. ‘Because of our industry and our union I am able to be a productive breadwinner and, as a person living with HIV since 1983, I have fought and struggled not to be a drain on society. I want to work. I want to be productive but now, they want to take my job and put me back on the rolls of Social Security.’

Since many patients use medical marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals or simply because nothing else worked, providing them with a safe place to buy their cannabis is important to many because of the high quality medicine that is at many dispensaries. Forcing them to buy from dealers makes them “illegal” once again, leaves them dealing with sketchy dealers, paying inflated prices, and never knowing what they’re getting or if it’s safe. Though this seems like the biggest and only part of the issue, what about the thousands of workers who currently work and hold jobs in the cannabis industry? I’m not convinced that the Federal Government has thought this one through all the way. Thankfully, since the UFCW is now backing the medical marijuana industry, we can fight this head on with full confidence.

[Image Via UFCW]

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