UK Federal Drug Agent Busted For Weed Dealing At Federal Drug Agency

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Now you know it’s against the Greenie Code of Conduct to cheer for any dealer caught in a drug bust, unless that person is a detriment to society who sells drugs to kids or low grade marijuana……..or if it’s a Federal Agent!!

Of course, it’s not a United States Federal Agent, silly, but nevertheless, Micheal Prince Jackson-Bailey is a Crown Prosecution Service Worker in the U.K. These agents are similar to our Border Patrol, and part of their high skilled investigation powers go to fight drug smuggling.

Oh, the irony.

Michael Prince Jackson-Bailey, 31, allegedly peddled drugs at CPS headquarters, where he worked in a UK Border Agency team that deals with drugs cases.

Even worse than the fact that this dude was hustling drugs from under his desk at work, he’s also accused of having sold weed his co-workers. That’s so rude!! How dare he sell weed to OTHER drug agents…!

Seriously, you have to wonder if Michael-Jackson-Prince was turned in by someone who was hating on this guy’s huge ka-hoona’s (and pea brain) or if they really did decide to investigate where their afternoon weed came from?

His Royal Badness, Mr. Prince-Bailey, says this arrest is a set up! Only time will tell as this case goes to court, I say he was getting stingy with the bags and somebody snitched…that’s ALWAYS how it goes down, right?

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