UK Moves to Decriminalize Drugs and Regulate Cannabis

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What’s good, greenies? I’ll tell you what’s good! Liberal Democrats will vote to legalize cannabis for recreational use and decriminalize all other drugs under plans set at they’re party conference. This could mean a regulated market for cannabis which will be overseen by the government. Hopefully The United Kingdom will successfully follow in Portugal’s footsteps, maybe with the U.S. not far behind. But this is going to take a lot of planning and consideration on different possibilities for handling cannabis, but in the end the people win. Senior party officials reveal that the motion was approved by the Lib Dem Federal Conference Committee for debate in Birmingham in September.

Sources close to Nick Clegg said he expects the plans to be approved, meaning he will be shackled with the policy. It is unlikely to become law since changes in drugs legislation do not form part of the Coalition agreement.

But David Raynes, of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said: ‘Our prisons are full of mentally ill people damaged by drugs, and cannabis is where they start.

Now this won’t make The UK the next big stoner resort, such as Amsterdam, but it will make one country a lot happier. Hopefully in the near future we can see our country’s big wigs attempt to follow in The United Kingdom and Portugal’s footsteps. But until then, appreciate what you got, smoke it stealthy and stay up.

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Author: Brennan

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