Upcoming BAPE x Stussy releases

Back in May we seen for the first time A Bathing Ape and Stussy come together to release something publicly citing the California-based brand Stussy 30th anniversary as the reason for the collaboration. As well received as that run was it was only time before the two companies came together again; but this time they come with more then t-shirts and trucker hats. This collection is definitely time-sensitive as many items coincide with the turn from fall to winter which is coming up very soon and looks to be released with 2 drops 2 weeks apart.

The first release on November 22nd highlights a camo snowboarding jackets of tradtional ape camo adorned with Stussy skulls, 3 T-Shirts, a pair of denim and other items with that BAPE x Stussy hybrid camo.

The December 11th release showcases a simpler feel with flat colored bomber jackets, zip-ups, crewnecks, & oxfords.

Right now release is only set in Japan but I put an L on it that both Busy Works Shops in the US will have items; and maybe even the Stussy Flagship will carry the other 3 collabo tees being released on Stussy shirt bodies.

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Author: Blake

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