Urlacher’s agents wants a trade, Ulacher threatens to retire

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If the rumors swirling around about Brian Urlacher are true, than is acting like an oversized crybaby. Urlacher’s agents are looking for the Bears to trade him, while Urlacher is saying that he will retire instead.

Urlacher would be potentially retiring because of back and neck problems but if they trade him to a contender or give him a really good deal, I’m sure those problems can be handled. The real reason is because this way, he won’t have to repay any of his $13 dollar signing bonus that he got when he got his current nine year, $56.65 million deal.

It’s one thing to hold out on a contract but to threaten to retire is something completely different and we all know he’s not going to do that. He’s not fooling anyone:

One NFL insider laughed off the situation as the equivalent of a child taking his ball and going home or threatening to hold his breath until he passes out.

”Urlacher has no leverage,” the source said. ”He wants to be paid, right? If he takes a medical [retirement], then he’s got to prove he’s hurt. If he does that, he’ll never get paid. They’re not going to trade him. All he can do is be disruptive.

”It’s a joke. Players never walk away from millions. They threaten to, but they never do it.”

Agreed with the last line. Theres no way that Urlacher will retire.

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