Vancouver Commissioner Says Nick Diaz Smoking Shouldn’t Warrant Action

From the province that brought us great strains like Shiskaberry and Fucking Incredible, Vancouver Athletic Commissioner Jonathan Tweedale gives an excellent break down of why UFC Welterweight Contender Nick Diaz should not be given an anti-doping violation for testing positive for cannabinoids last week after his interim title fight loss to Carlos Condit.

In his post, Commissioner Tweedale gives excellent arguments for why canabinoids in your system outside of competition doesn’t mean your breaking any rules in regards to the World Anti-Doping Agency,

“Cannabinoids are only prohibited “in competition”. WADA expressly permits the use of marijuana and other cannabinoids outside of competition. Nevada is no different. A random, out of competition positive test for marijuana should not engender disciplinary sanction under the Nevada Athletic Commission’s regulations.

Tweedale also goes on to explain how items are added to the list. Basically two things decide if a substance is banned, does it make you better or does it put your health at risk. In the case of the latter Tweedale wrote,

Because WADA expressly permits marijuana use outside of competition, the only “actual or potential health risk to the athlete” engaged by this prohibited substance is “in competition” risk – i.e. an athlete competing under the psychoactive and physiological effects of marijuana. It follows that the rationale for inclusion of (b) in the List only justifies prohibition of cannabinoids immediately before a contest or exhibition.

Under this precedent many of the suspensions we see over marijuana in US professional sports are unwarranted and go well beyond whats dictated as appropriate by the WADA.

All this Nick Diaz drama will be cleared up, the man is a medical cannabis patient and didn’t break any rules. We all should get to see him fight Condit and GSP soon hopefully. Here is a great quote from Stockton’s finest to leave you with.

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Author: Jimi D

I'm a West Coast Bostonian transplant, California medical cannabis professional, safe access sympathizer, and I like letting folks know the news. Follow me on Twitter for breaking news @JimiDevine.

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