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Video: Fire It Up Kansas Gets A Pro-Marijuana Digital Billboard

If you’re driving by Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas, you might see the new pro-marijuana digital billboard. Fire It Up Kansas member Mike Golden talks about growing the awareness of how marijuana can help Kansas financially.

“It would make criminal organizations substantially weaker and people would stop going to jail. There would be millions saved by not prosecuting and putting people in jail over a plant.” – Mike Golden

The Fire It Up Kansas website is very outdated with a bad coloring scheme. I wish they would of got a simple redesign or directed it right to their Fire It Up Kansas Facebook page. Especially before they put it on an huge billboard for thousands of people to see daily. It would just look a lot better.

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This new sign is the largest in the mid-west. I think that’s because it is the only one in the mid-west. Correct me if I’m wrong. But Denver had their billboard at Mile High and Portland did their share of pro-marijuana advertising. Neither are in the mid-west. Congrats Kansas on the billboard record.

Full story here.

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Author: HMJ Staff


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  • FireitupKansas Legalize

    So somebody wants to be a smartass. I have never claimed to be a website designer. If youd like to volunteer to handle that end of things for us, awesome, just let me know. Have you seen anyone else get off their ass and do anything in kansas? Yes Colorada did plenty of advertising on boards in their area, but the one at the kansas star casino is literally the biggest one in the midwest. Not the only one of course. There are hundreds. Thanks for your smartass remarks and your coverage of the story. But if thats the way you like to help the cause, dont bother, the cause doesnt need you. peace

    • It was constructive criticism. I stated, “The Fire It Up Kansas website is very outdated with a bad coloring scheme.” Which, it completely is. Then I went on saying how I wish it had, “a simple redesign or directed it right to their Fire It Up Kansas Facebook page.” I never made any smart ass remarks towards Fire It Up Kansas. I stated that it was the “largest” in the mid-west. I’m sorry you feel that I’m being a smart ass by stating what I see. I hope the people of Kansas and Fire It Up Kansas keep going strong like you guys are. We’ll continue to support you guys.