Video: Tommy Chong Knew Bieber Smoked Weed & Weed Smokers Helping In #CutForBieber


Tommy Chong — Justin Bieber’s Talented BECAUSE He Smokes Weed

TMZ caught up with Tommy Chong to ask him about Justin Bieber smoking weed. Chong claimed to know he has always been smoking weed. Stating, “You can’t have that talent if you’re drinking.” This coming just hours before 4Chan started a messed up prank on Bieber fans. They started a #CutForBieber prank. Saying that they will stop cutting once he stops using “drugs”. Who knows how many people are actually doing this. Hopefully very few are. But they is light at the end of this tunnel. There are a ton of people making fun of this by making their own #CutForBieber memes. Click on their links to see some funny weed jokes about this. I think I can rest my case on Justin Bieber having the dumbest fans ever.

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