Violent Attack at a Marijuana Rally Ignored by Police

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According to bystanders, the man pictured at right allegedly used the sign he is holding in the photo to strike a pro-marijuana protester in the head. Police refused to do anything about the incident, smilingly saying it "looked like an accident."

Image / Story via Toke

Every movement has their protesters. Even the peace loving marijuana community. Anybody against marijuana doesn’t understand it & is too ignorant to think outside of their ways! Either that, or they’re just hypocrites. I mean, half the politicians against pot, smoke it! Anyways, there was a marijuana rally last week in Michigan & a man holding a sign reading “Say No To A Pothead Society” (pictured above) struck a pothead! Here’s what happened, according to Zig Zag Man who was there:

“J. had his sign raised higher than the idiot and when J. put his sign down to rest (sort of heavy), the anti-pothead swung his sign and hit J. in the face and twisted his head out of his normal ‘range of motion’ with the titanium plate holding his neck to his spine (he even had his neck brace on),” Zig Zag Man wrote.

Think about how hard you’d have to swing a sign to twist a head outside range of motion IN A NECK BRACE! This guy HATES weed society. This is no different from a Gay getting beat up for his sexual orientation. This is a hate crime! What’s even worse, is the cop’s reaction:

​”We were able to keep the calm amongst the crowd there at Michigan and Capitol (they wanted to lynch the anti-pothead),” Zig Zag Man wrote. “The crowd was ready. First, they were yelling at the cops to arrest the anti-dopehead, but all [the cops] did was smile and smirk and say ‘accident.’

An ACCIDENT!? The people of Michigan are admirable because I would’ve been going to jail that day if I witnessed that! Greenies take note! The cops don’t care about us! They are truly out to get us! I wouldn’t be surprised if those “anti-potheads” were cops in casual clothes. Much props to Zig Zag Man for sharing his story, the world needs to know about events like these!

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Author: itslloyal

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