Voices Are Power

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The other day I wrote a post entitled “How To Legalize Weed“. While my post didn’t strike the debate I might have expected. I did receive one response that made me think. In my plan I stated that it should be illegal to grow cannabis unless under contract of the federal government. The responder didn’t agree with my plan and politely stated that I should,”suck a dick”. Which brings me to think, while most people believe that marijuana use should not be prohibited, few have a concise plan in which to monetize it growth and distribution.

Voices are power and proper preparation equals perfection, we can not simply be arm chair activists, if we wish prohibition to end.

An industry has been built around the so called war on drugs in the United States. A war in which cannabis is a huge part. Many state and federal agencies reap the benefits of America’s fight against weed. Thus the legalization of marijuana would hurt, the economics of the industry built to police it.

We, the people need to actually create a viable solution that would make it work. People, we live in a capitalistic society, where the worthiness of something is demonstrated most times by it’s profit margins.

They say lead a horse to water and it will drink. I believe show Uncle Sam the money and you’ll get an amendment. Voices are power. And money is political clot.

Find out how to take action now at NORML and MPP. Change has to come from us!

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