Voters Ready for Cannabis Reform

Let’s take a look at how voters around the country feel about cannabis policy reform.

FLORIDA: 77% support medical cannabis initiative.

A medical marijuana amendment continues to have strong support throughout Florida, according to a new poll.

The survey — conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research on behalf of the United for Care campaign — found 77 percent of likely Florida voters said they supported the ballot initiative. The survey found 20 percent were opposed it it, while 3 percent of likely voters said they were undecided.

Kevin Akins, a pollster with Anzalone Liszt Research, said the survey showed support for medical marijuana in Florida “is stronger than ever.” He said the survey found “a broad and diverse coalition of voters” support the amendment.

Complete post on the Florida situation is HERE.

MISSOURI:  62% support medical cannabis.

-62% say they would vote yes on a ballot issue that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes, to only 27% who say they would vote no on that. That has 74% support from Democrats, 71% from independents, and 44% from Republicans.

Missouri original post is HERE.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  61% favor rec cannabis.

The latest WMUR Granite State Poll shows illegal drugs is viewed as the most important issue by 43 percent of Granite State adults, far ahead of jobs and the economy, which is viewed as the top issue by 21 percent.
At the same time, the legalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use is now supported by 61 percent of Granite Staters, the poll shows.

New Hampshire story is HERE.

WISCONSIN:  59% favor re-legalization.

Registered voters were asked, “When it comes to marijuana, some people think that the drug should be fully legalized and regulated like alcohol. Do you agree or disagree with that view?” Fifty-nine percent say they agree while 39 percent disagree. In September 2014, when the poll last asked about marijuana, a different question wording was used: “Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal or not?” In that poll, 46 percent said it should be legal and 51 percent said it should not be legal.

In the July poll, 42 percent of Republicans agree that marijuana should be legal while 56 percent disagree. Sixty-eight percent of Democrats agree it should be legal while 30 percent disagree. Independents divide with 63 percent supporting legalization and 36 opposed.

The coverage of Wisconsin is HERE.

AMERICA:  55% call for re-legalization of cannabis.

YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans still support legalization of marijuana, and that support for legalization has increased slightly, from 52% in December 2015 to 55% today. Most of this change is a result of changing attitudes among Republicans. In fact, for the first time, Republicans narrowly tend to support legalization, 45% to 42%.

The story of nationwide support is HERE.

Don’t miss that small note in that last story:  more Republicans now favor re-legalization than oppose.  The schales have tipped.


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