Wake and Bake….With Rihanna? #AreWeThereYet

For those of you out there that follow us and the crew as we make our rounds about the world of social media, I’m sure you’re familiar with the hashtag #WakeandBake that greets you each morning on our time lines. This daily ritual of waking up to a bowl or blunt to celebrate life is traditionally how any bud enthusiast starts their day (if they’re lucky), and with the advent of technology us weed smokers across the globe can all simultaneously exhale via Twitter and Tumblr.

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I am not surprised to find Rihanna, my favorite party girl and yours, is also on team #wakeandbake as reported by this article over here. We reported that the Good Girl Gone Bad was enjoying a spliff on a video shoot overseas a few months ago but since then she’s taken to Twitter to join the rest of the legions of green lovers while she shoots her most recent video in the states.

The following day she wrote, “#WHYB Day 2 is turning into Day 3! We had dinner at 5 am! #ROCstarSHIT #THUGLIFE” And, “Wake, Bake, #TAKE where have u been??? #AreWeThereYet.”

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