Walls Crumbling in America’s Heartland

Multiple reports are being received that cannabis prohibition is falling apart deep in the heartland of America.  This just in:

KANSAS reminds us that a baby step is still a step, and note that it is in the right direction. “Governor Samuel Brownback has signed legislation, House Bill 2462, into law amending marijuana possession penalties. The new law reduces criminal penalties for first-time marijuana possession offenses from a Class A misdemeanor (punishable by up to one year incarceration and a $2,500 fine) to a Class B misdemeanor (punishable by no more than six months in jail and a $1,000 fine). A subsequent conviction is amended from a felony to a Class B misdemeanor.”

Original post is HERE. Yes, I agree it’s not much, but it is something. One has to begin somewhere.

Now, lets look at Oklahoma, where medical cannabis is drawing out small improvements in the situation. “Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation into law on Friday, May 13, to expand the pool of patients eligible to possess cannabidiol (CBD) under a physician’s authorization. Presently, Oklahoma law exempts patients with intractable forms of pediatric epilepsy from state criminal penalties if they possess liquid preparations containing CBD and no more than three-tenths of one percent THC.

House Bill 2835 extends existing legal protections to the following patients: those with “spasticity due to multiple sclerosis or due to paraplegia, intractable nausea and vomiting, appetite stimulation with chronic wasting diseases.” The measure also removes the age requirement limitation from existing law so that adults with various forms of epilepsy are eligible for CBD therapy.”

Complete original post is HERE.

In West Virginia change is proposed in the legislature. “Legislation has been introduced during this legislative season’s special session to decriminalize the possession and cultivation of limited quantities of marijuana in West Virginia.

House Bill 114 permits the personal use, growth and possession of up to two ounces of marijuana by persons over the age of twenty-one who have acquired a “tax stamp” from the state. It removes marijuana from the state list of schedule I drugs and decriminalizes first-time marijuana distribution offenses involving under 30 grams of marijuana. Adults will be allowed to transfer to another person twenty-one years of age or older, without remuneration, one ounce or less of marijuana. Adults who choose to grow their own marijuana will be permitted to cultivate and harvest up to six plants.”

Complete original post is HERE.

[image: theguardian.com]

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