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Who Wants to Grow for the DEA?

[Hail Mary Jane is following this story]  First the DEA decided not to re-schedule cannabis, then they said they wanted new people to grow more cannabis for research purposes.  Next?

A report by Stat News has found little interest from a dozen agricultural colleges to grow cannabis at the behest of the Drug Enforcement Agency, following an announcement by the agency that they would expand their federally sanctioned research program.

Cornell University, the University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, the University of Vermont, the University of California, Davis, Western Kentucky University, the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Oregon State University, Colorado State University, Purdue University — all indicated that they had no plans to grow cannabis for the government.
. . .
According to the report, interested organizations would need to show that they have security measures in place to protect the federally outlawed plants, and be willing to comply with a litany of additional requirements. A grow under the program would also likely involve significant funding to get up and running.

You can find the complete, original post HERE.

Imagine that.  No interest in getting in bed with the DEA.

[image: dea.gov]

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