Warren Sapp Called Keyshawn Johnson a Bitch

It’s no secret that former Bucs teammates Warren Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson were not very fond of one another but things have just been taken to a new level. On inside the NFL on Wednesday, Warren was asked if he would be watching any episodes of Keyshawn’s new design show on A&E and Warren proceeded to answer in a way that only Warren could….

In a special segment on this week’s Inside The NFL, Warren Sapp answered viewer submitted questions during “Ask Warren Anything”.

Below are transcription highlights of the show.

(On rumor that Sapp is a diva on “Dancing With The Stars”)
SAPP: I’ll tell you what. I have to be honest about the diva thing. I am a little eccentric at times. I like cold water and in California they like it room temperature. And as a 300-pound man I needed a little cold water. So they gave me a big cooler and they put “Warren’s Water,” so I guess that’s where they get that from. If a big fella needing cold water is being a diva, then diva I am.

(On whether he would ever watch Keyshawn Johnson’s reality show about interior design)
SAPP: Me, watch Keyshawn on an interior decorating show? Keyshawn, I knew you were a bitch. And thanks for making it all clear.

That’s crazy, even though I have to admit that Keyshawn never really struck me as that much of a tough guy.  He’s not the one on Dancing with the Stars though.

Thanks to AA for putting me up on this one.

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