Washington State Changing Some Rules

The re-legalized state of Washington is changing — improving — some of the rules that govern their legal cannabis industry.  Here’s more:


In the new revisions, all penalties for cannabis producers and processors are monetary. Originally, penalties for producers and processors had both monetary and destructive components. For example, the second violation for unauthorized sale to a retail licensee included a $5,000 fine plus the destruction of 25 percent of harvestable plants. Under the new rules, the same offense calls for a $5,000 to $10,000 monetary fine, depending on the producer’s tier.

The original revisions were contested by many in the industry, and called “abhorrent” by Gene Flynn, managing member of Canna Herb Farms LLC in Ford, Washington, in our coverage last month.

“The destruction of inventory as an administrative sanction is repugnant to deep-seated notions of fairness, proportionate sanctions, preservation of assets, and doubtless many more fundamental underpinnings of our legal system,” Flynn wrote in response to the WSLCB’s proposal in February. “As far as I can determine, it is an unprecedented form of administrative sanction in the State of Washington, or any other state of the union, and it disregards bedrock principles of private property rights. It is astonishing to think that such a provision found its way into the WAC in the first place, and the discussion should be about removing inventory destruction from the WAC, rather than an aggressive expansion of its application.”

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