Washington’s Recreational Legalization’s Impact on Drivers: Cause or Effect?

Washington’s legalization of recreational marijuana has had a lot of impacts on the state, many of them positive. A recent NPR piece shows that, more two years after legalization, more arrested drivers (suspicion of DUI) have marijuana in their system.

Most stoners know that pot stays in your system for a while, around 2 weeks, and that having a drug in your system doesn’t necessarily mean you’re currently under the influence of it.

“Last year, they saw an increase in the percentage of blood samples showing THC — but they weren’t distinguishing between active THC and what’s known as ‘carboxy THC,'” Baldwin said. “That’s the metabolized THC that hangs around your system long after you’ve sobered up.

“Carboxy certainly sticks around in the system for a long time,” added Baldwin. “So, it didn’t tell us what we needed to know about behaviors out there.”

Listen to the piece yourself here.


[Image via: Thomas Anderson, Flickr]

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Author: The Queen of Clovers

The Queen of Clovers has a love of fragrant, sticky green and her favorite strains frequently have Diesel roots. Find her blazing, hiking or writing at her site Toke Tank (www.TokeTank.org), about all things weed-related.

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