We Got Jokes: Ron Funches


For this edition of We Got Jokes we are featuring the comedic stylings of the very talented and fellow toker, Ron Funches.


Ron Funches is a very funny stand up comedian with a unique delivery and lovable demeanor, you just want to hug and squeeze him like a big stuffed bear. His easy going, inventive style sounds the way fresh chocolate chip cookies taste. Ron performs stand up all over the United States impressing audiences everywhere.

Most recently Ron was featured in ESQUIRE Magazine’s Best New Comedians List. He has performed live on TBS’s CONAN O’BRIEN SHOW. He also appeared on IFC’s PORTLANDIA. Ron resides in Southern California. For Ron’s tour schedule, how to follow him and much more, check out his website We hope you dig Ron’s material, errybuddy! Thanks for tuning in and puff, puff, laugh!

If you have any suggestions for We Got Jokes keep them to yourself, ha ha, see, We do Got Jokes….drop me an email with the video link so our Entertainment Team can review it for a possible future post. Thanks, errybuddy!

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