Web Series: Sex Drugs And Jazz (Episode 5)

Sex Drugs And Jazz is back with their fifth episode, “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”. Neptune takes a spill in the shower while hitting his bong. “I think I broke my back while trying to hit my bong in the shower.” He just had to take a rip while showering or he would of been able to make his coffee appointment with the girl he has liked since the start of the series. Instead of going to the doctors, he sells his weed from his shower. To all you dealers. Can you imagine selling your weed from the shower in your bathroom? How awkward and interesting at the same time. The jack off song had me laughing so hard. You have to see it to know how funny it really is. The whole scene is so awkwardly funny. We will for sure have episode six when they release it. It seems like you Greenies have been enjoying this series as much as I have.

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About the Series: 

Counter-culture is alive and kicking in modern day New York City. The series and accompanying soundtrack give a much needed shot of adrenaline to the jazz world.  The series spotlights badass musicians currently on the scene in New York City and San Francisco, while paying homage to the founding fathers of jazz.

The series intertwines stories of the marijuana and music subcultures in New York City. Jazz legend Sonny Rollins noted that Jazz has always “struggled to survive.” Washington continues the fight for its’ survival and revival by creating a stoner comedy with broad appeal. The series is a love letter to New York, Brooklyn, Jazz fanatics, Jazz greats, live music lovers, bands, musicians, lovers of stoner comedies,and pro marijuana enthusiasts.

SD&J explores NYC through the stories and adventures of struggling musicians trying to make a dollar doing what they love.

The series was shot 100 % on location in New York City, with a 100% local NY crew. In Manhattan, filming took place in Chinatown, The Lower East Side, East Village, West Village, Hells Kitchen, and The Upper West Side.

In Brooklyn, in the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Park Slope, Bed Stuy, and Downtown Brooklyn. In Queens, in Long Island City.


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