Could weed be an attraction in the casinos of Las Vegas?

Far from being the recreational drug of choice for old hippies, weed has become a big part of the lives of everyone from young professionals to those who seek to use its medical powers.

And with last year’s welcome news that Nevada had legalised recreational marijuana, it opened up the slightly exciting prospect of playing poker and roulette whilst enjoying the mind-enhancing benefits of a good smoke.

But whilst weed and deserts have proven to be a good mix at the recent Weedmaps event, it seems as though the desert city of Las Vegas is having a difficult time in adapting to the changes in the state laws.

Despite Sin City allowing legal gambling and strip clubs, and having loose restrictions on guns, alcohol and prostitution, it looks like we’re not going to be able to buy any weed on the Las Vegas Strip anytime soon.

Whilst the rest of the state can enjoy buying marijuana in a store like alcohol, the Nevada Gaming Control Board won’t allow the casino industry to have its own marijuana dispensaries.

Although marijuana is legal at a state level, it’s still a federal crime. And it seems as though the gaming bosses on The Strip are unwilling to allow weed in their casinos – especially as part of the Nevada weed law prohibits the smoking of marijuana in public spaces.

It’s still up for debate whether a hotel room in Las Vegas qualifies as a public space. If not then we could easily fire up one of Lucky Nugget Casino’s mobile poker games whilst enjoying the benefits of the relaxing drug.

But away from the main Las Vegas Strip, it seems as though things are loosening up a little. Near the Stratosphere Casino, is the increasingly popular Las Vegas Releaf that’s just one of the marijuana dispensaries that serving weed enthusiasts in this desert city.

It remains to be seen whether the current attorney general, Jeff Sessions, will allow a relaxation of weed laws in Las Vegas. The politician is an outspoken critic of weed, and it’s hoped that he will be too distracted by the wild ramblings of the president to initiate a crackdown on the popular recreational drug.

So whilst we might not yet be able to light a joint in the casinos of Sin City, our free poker games on our mobiles can certainly benefit from a little weed.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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