Weed is Here to Stay: “All Hail Mary Jane” Says Harvard’s Weed Expert

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Image via Mother Jones

Salutations fine people!! Did you know that aspirin over dose has killed more people than marijuana? I learned all that plus more after reading Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s revolutionary statement made in support of CLEAR. Dr. Grinspoon, who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School furthers has been studying cannabis since the late 1960’s. He first began his work to offer an objective look at the drugs dangers.

Marijuana is here to stay; there can no longer be any doubt that it is not just another transient drug fad.  Like alcohol, it has become a part of our culture, a culture which is now trying to find an appropriate social, legal and medical accommodation.  We have finally come to realize, after arresting over 21 million marijuana users since the 1960s, most of them young and 90% for mere possession, that “making war” against cannabis doesn’t work anymore now than it did for alcohol during the days of the Volstead Act.

The good Dr. Grinspoon hails from one of the most prestigious and rigorous schools of medicine in the world. I’m so stoked that there are more and more people stepping forward to push back the American stigma of marijuana usage. In all honesty, how can we continue to believe in government checks and balances that aren’t really real? Will the revolution’s battle cry be “HAIL MARY JANE”..I don’t know, could be..Stay tuned!

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Author: TRJ

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