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Unlike politics, religion, and even your favorite food, the love of weed is universal, with people of all ages & backgrounds lighting up legally, or not, around the globe. The only difference seems to be in how people enjoy their smoke. Let’s take a look:

Sliffs vs. Joints

Born & raised in the US, I had never even heard of anyone sullying good bud with tobacco before I ventured into the UK. And, as surprised as I was to see them mix pot with tobacco when rolling their spliff, they were equally shocked that American’s joints were pure, unadulterated marijuana.

(In the ‘Dam, most pre-rolls are spliffs made with a mix of tobacco & shake, so buy good bud & roll your own.)

Marijuana vs. Cannabis

Most Americans are more familiar with the word marijuana than cannabis, but the rest of the world rarely uses it. Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica & Cannabis ruderalis are the proper terms while marijuana is Mexican slang that literally translates to Mary Jane.

(Some Europeans hate it when their beloved cannabis is referred to as marijuana because they think the US government used the term in the earlier part of the 1900s to stigmatize its use.)

Feminized vs. Regular

Most Americans want regular (unfeminized) cannabis seeds, most Europeans (due to space restrictions) won’t even look at anything that’s not feminized, and Australians will go either way as long as they can get their hands on some beans.
Why does that generalization hold true? Most Europeans don’t have the space to waste on males & want their final product to be exactly what they expected with little to no variation. Americans & Canadians tend to be a little more adventurous whether they simply like to hunt for unique phenotypes or they dream of breeding their own super strain.

(To take that a step further, most American breeders only produce regular seeds & most European breeders only produce feminized seeds with a very few like TH Seeds who do both.)

Dried Bud vs. Concentrate

Here’s one area where it all comes together. Morocco & other parts of the Middle East have been famous for high-quality hash for centuries, but making extracts & concentrates has been lifted to an art form in both Europe & the Americas over the past few years ranging from the therapeutic oils given to cancer & epilepsy patients to super-potent dabs handed out freely at just about every cannabis festival or Cup competition.

If you want to see how the other half lives, you don’t have to book a ticket on the next flight out. You can order a wide variety of Dutch, Spanish or American bred cannabis seeds, including those propagated from Cup-winning parents, from a UK-based seedbank like Gorilla Seeds.

(If you’re bumming around Europe, be careful what you buy. Soapbar hash is often passed off as the real thing to unsuspecting buyers, but it could be polluted with all kinds of nasty fillers. And, street dealers in the UK sometimes add pulverized glass to cured bud to add some sparkle & weight. Be cautious & only buy from trusted sources.)

Medical vs. Recreational

While some people who don’t know any better like to argue a medical marijuana card is just an excuse to get wasted, there is a growing (pun intended) community of true MMJ patients who credit this herb for saving their life whether that means it’s held their cancer at bay, relieved debilitating seizures or simply taken an edge off their physical or mental pain, many of which never even tried weed until more traditional medicine failed them.

At first, strains of cannabis that were high in CBD (one of the more therapeutic cannabinoids) and low in THC (the fun cannabinoid responsible for the high) were only in demand in America, but as word of Charlotte’s Web & other miraculous blends has spread, people are slowly catching on & looking at the cannabis’s true potential to heal.

(Today, you can even sample high-CBD strains in Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops if you take the time to look.)

What Differences Have You Noticed?

Have an interesting story about how different people enjoy smoking weed? Leave a comment & let us know about it!

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Author: HMJ Staff


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