Weed vs Weed Part Duex: Oaksterdam vs Amsterdam

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My very first post for HMJ was about Indica Vs. Sativa and that gave me an idea about other Weed Vs. Weed things. Such as Bong Vs. Bowl, Brownies Vs. Cookies, or Smoking Alone Vs. Smoking With Your Buddies. So like Indica Vs. Sativa I will give a argument for each thing I pick (not any close to as big as Indica Vs. Sativa) and let you the viewers vote on it. Weed Vs. Weed Things is the spin-off of Indica Vs. Sativa like Frasier and Cheers. If you have any suggestions for this please let me know at: twitter.com/MaryJaneEmpire
Weed Vs. Weed Part 1

I asked and @TheElevatedOne answered with a great Weed Vs. Weed match up, Amsterdam Vs. Oaksterdam. While it may seem like Amsterdam would blow Oaksterdam out of the water, you might think about it a little different after this.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam, every potheads dream vacation. With High Time’s Cannabis Cup, Coffee Shops, and just vacationing in Europe makes it such an amazing trip. This is the ideal place for a weed lover, with Coffee Shops where you can purchase weed legally with no license. While many U.S places you cannot not smoke indoors, in Amsterdam you can light your joint right up after you buy it in the Coffee Shop. Everyone seems to think marijuana is 100% legal in Amsterdam, so think again. It is not legal to grow there or possess more than 30 grams at one time. You must be 18 or older and in a private area [home, coffee shop, ect.] Coffee Shops cannot advertise about their Cannabis, Oaksterdam can.

Oaksterdam: Around 7,000 miles away is the great state of Oaksterdam, California aka Oakland has been rumored to becoming the New Amsterdam. Well not entirely, Oaksterdam seems be moving in Amsterdam’s footsteps though. They still have a long way to go. While Marijuana is the decriminalized and the lowest priority for the Oakland police, it is still illegal with the Federal Gov’t. Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops are not getting shut down by their Gov’t, like the Federal Gov’t constantly shuttung down Medical Marijuana Shops. Unlike Amsterdam, only in Cali and Oaksterdam can advertise their weed, with glow signs of weed leafs and other weed things. From what I have seen from videos, Oaksterdam and Cali seem to have many more to get high instead of just smoking it. From cookies, cakes, and suckers you can get high in so many different ways. All of it sounds good, but you cannot do any of this without the Golden Ticket of the Marijuana license. Though living in that area, I am sure you reap a lot of benefits of the area.

Regardless how much I love California, I just can’t choose Oaskterdam on this one. It is still illegal there and the cops I’m sure will still make something out of nothing. Amsterdam is the ideal pothead vacation and will be until Cannabis becaomes legal in the states.

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