Weed Vs. Weed Part Four

My very first post for HMJ was about Indica Vs. Sativa and that gave me an idea about other Weed Vs. Weed things. Such as Bong Vs. Bowl, Brownies Vs. Cookies, or Smoking Alone Vs. Smoking With Your Buddies. So like Indica Vs. Sativa I will give a argument for each thing I pick (not any close to as big as Indica Vs. Sativa) and let you the viewers vote on it. Weed Vs. Weed is the spin-off of Indica Vs. Sativa like Frasier and Cheers. If you have any suggestions for this please let me know at: twitter.com/allhailmaryjane
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I feel like I might get some shit from you HMJ readers for this one, but this all for fun. Both of these MCs are two of the generals of hip-hop and make some of the best smoking made music. I have mad love for both of these artists, no homo, for what they have both done for hip-hop and their amazing music they have put out over the last ten years, ten years beig how long I have listened to them.

Snoop Dogg has been know as a huge smoker, we all know that. Meth has admitted not paying bills because he is a pothead. Both have created some amazing stoner music. I’ve been banging both of these artists smoking made music since I started smoking weed. Snoop Dogg has some amazing music, but I feel Method Man makes better music. That is my opinion. I have two recent tracks each artists have done about weed. The first one is Snoop Dogg – MILF Weed, from the greatest show besides Entourage, Weeds. Method Man – Diz Is For All My Smokers, which I think is one of the best weed songs I have ever heard.

Snoop Dogg – MILF WEED

Method Man & Red Man – Diz Is For All My Smokers

After listening to those take a vote and remember this all for fun and love of music and weed.

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