Weed Vs. Weed

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My very first post for HMJ was about Indica Vs. Sativa and that gave me an idea about other Weed Vs. Weed things. Such as Bong Vs. Bowl, Brownies Vs. Cookies, or Smoking Alone Vs. Smoking With Your Buddies. So like Indica Vs. Sativa I will give a argument for each thing I pick (not any close to as big as Indica Vs. Sativa) and let you the viewers vote on it. Weed Vs. Weed Things is the spin-off of Indica Vs. Sativa like Frasier and Cheers. If you have any suggestions for this please let me know at:

I’ve known for a while what I’ve wanted for the first post of this, Bong Vs. Blunt.

Bong: A bong besides the Vaporizer, a Bong gets you the highest [around %78 T.H.C]. The coolest thing about Bongs are how different each one is, unless it’s plastic. Almost all Bongs are are totally different from one to another. If your hear enough you would know that from Bong of the Day. Whether they come in blue, green, or all sort of colors. Whether they’re homemade, with a 3 gram slider, and a ice chamber. Whether it’s a Zong, PHIRE, or just a plastic bong they are all awesome.

Blunt: Blunts are the perfect thing for a lot of people. It lasts much longer than anything else. Whether there is a gram or a Quarter in it lasts for a while. It is a great way to smoke but you do not get the taste of the weed like you would in a joint. That is one of the best things about weed the taste. I prefer Peach White Owls in the tube.

My vote goes to the All Mighty BONG. It gets you higher and is more fun and I have a bong and can’t roll blunts.

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