Weedpocolypse Now – Pizza Guy Calls Cops On Stoner Customer

This article just put things in perspective for me. Its almost 2012, and all these warning signs are starting to scare me man. You have two species that have been living in perfect harmony for centuries, the Pothead and the Pizza Guy. These two not only used to live in harmony, they NEED each other to survive. Stoners and Pizza Guys are the true circle of life, a perfectly balanced system that keeps both alive. Pizza Guy gets money from high people, high people gets pizza, the world is a happy place. When these two breeds start turning against each other, its time to build a mountain fortress and wait out the apocalypse. Plus I’m almost positive Pothead vs. PizzaGuy was specifically mentioned as the first warning in the ancient Mayan writings.

Smith says he logged back onto his computer and picked a pizza to be delivered from a nearby Papa John’s on South Chambers, paying for both the pie and pre-tipping the driver online. He then sent his nine-year-old daughter upstairs to take a bath while they waited on the pizza to arrive.

Back downstairs, Smith — a Colorado medical marijuana cardholder — smoked a quick bowl and then sat down to play some video games. A few minutes later, the pizza guy showed up at his door with his ‘za and a two-liter bottle of Sprite.

Not a half-hour later, Smith says he heard pounding at the door. “I immediately knew that it was the police knocking by the sound of it,” Smith says. “I opened they door and there was an Aurora Police officer.”

Smith says the policeman explained that dispatch had received a call from a Papa John’s pizza delivery driver saying there were small children around people smoking pot. The cop told Smith that the department policy is to check up on situations where children may be in danger.

Floored, Smith pulled out his medical card and explained to the police officer what had happened. He also pointed out that the driver had likely seen the children’s playhouse in the driveway. Smith said the police officer went out to his cruiser to verify his red card, returning a few minutes later with a sorry.

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