Week 1 Monday Night Style

Yep, I impregnated 2 of the hottest women ever
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So I guess I need to eat half my words.  The Pats and Chargers both won, but both got dominated and pulled it out in the end.  The Bills have a habit of losing heartbreakers on MNF, just like the Dallas game last year.  The Raiders have a habit of losing every game but they at least looked like a pro football team.  Maybe if they punch some more coaches they’ll win a couple.

NE 25 vs. Buf 24 – The big story was Mr. Gisele coming back from getting his leg snapped in half and he looked like a guy who had his leg snapped in half.  He couldn’t move around in the pocket all that well and didn’t even try to go downfield for the first 55 minutes.  The Bills dominated both sides of the line and was putting Brady on his ass as much as possible.  Trent Edwards looked pretty good and they scored a big td in the 4th to put them up by 11.  So with a little over 2 minutes left all they had to do was stop a TD, 2 pt and field goal to win.  Brady decides to make it interesting and throw the ball more than ten yards and bingo, TD.  2 pt conversion fails and now they need a TD.  Instead of the onside kick they decide to kick away with the hands team on the field, trying for the strip.  If you didn’t see it, you know what happens next, because they’re the Bills.  So many people picked the Pats in survivor pools, I fucking hate them.

SD 24 vs. Oak 20 – So after sitting there in disbelief at what just happened to the Bills I figured the next game would be over quick.  The Chargers, like the Pats, have won every game vs. their opponent for about a decade.  Don’t ever count out a home team on MNF though.  The Silver and Black brought a dumbed down defense that worked for all of 55 minutes, until they remembered what team they were on and blew it too.  This game was fucking late man.  I’m glad they don’t start every MNF game at that time because it ran to 1:30, not good for people on the East side.  This was one of those nights where I was watching by myself so I just took a bowl hit every 3 minutes for about 5 hours, which is really fun but I hardly made it through the game.  Guess all that booze from Sunday finally caught up to me.

By the way, I’m glad Steve Young stays on set during MNF and not in the booth, he was hard to handle yesterday.  I really like Chucky in the booth though, there is actual football strategy being discussed instead of what Brett Favre’s wife is doing like when Kornheiser was there last year.  I love Kornheiser on PTI but we need an analyst for MNF, not a celebrity.  Dennis Miller didn’t work either.

The best part of the night was by far the throwback jerseys.  All of those teams should have to wear them every week, especially the Pats and Bills because their jerseys suck ass.

So did anyone read this shit or at least look at the highlights?  Give me some comments people on what you want to see with highlight packages, game previews, fantasy shit, whatever you want.  I’m here for the people.

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Author: the white kid

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