Week 2 Wrap Up

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So i’m guessing Lenny isn’t going to be too happy when I tell all of you this, but I got to go to the Jets/Pats game yesterday. I’m a Giants fan, but my friend got the tickets for free, lower level in the end zone, so I had to go. My girlfriend wasn’t too happy but you gotta do whats right, and if an NFL game is free, it takes precedence over everything. I didn’t know I was going until about 8 the night before so it wasn’t well planned. Luckily one person dropped out and the my future brother in law filled in, which was sweet brought some weed. A few twelve packs and a bottle of goose were demolished on the way down and in the parking lot along with a huge blunt so by the time we got in there I was feeling pretty good.

I really didn’t think the Jets had a chance going into the game, but nobody really did except those people in the stadium. The 12th man came into play too because I’ve never been to a game where it was this loud. Everyone was banging on the seat in front of them or stomping their feet and it showed when the Pats got a bunch of false start penalties and they couldn’t hear Brady’s audibles. Everyone freaked when they would hit Brady, break up a pass or stop a run and the crowd just fed the Jets D. They looked dominant all day and the Pat’s didn’t even sniff the end zone, it really was impressive.

Luckily they had a Beers of the World stand right next to our section, so about 6 Bass’ later I was fucked up and screaming at the top of my lungs at everyone and everything. The drunkness took over the weed and everyone was getting rowdy as the game went on. There was a surprising number of Pats jerseys around and they all got berated, especially all the girls with a Brady jersey, they got it the worst.

The Jets usually get their ass handed to them by the Pats, I saw the game about 7 years ago when they lost 35-0 the last game of the season to them, so when the Pats got the ball with a couple minutes left everyone was expecting a drive right down the field for a tie and overtime. No fucking way was that going to happen after the crowd decided they would will the Jets to a victory. The place was literally shaking and the second the Pats didn’t make their 4th down the place erupted. There was some great energy there and the blunt on the way home was an awesome celebration, even though it officially put me over the edge.

By the time I got back to my place it was about 7:30 and I knew I couldn’t make it through the Giants game, which didn’t even start for an hour. I smoked a bowl and watched some highlights and made it about to the end of the first half before passing out. I missed another awesome finish in a Sunday night game, and this time it was my own team. What can you do, it was all worth it because the TV just doesn’t do a game justice when you have good seats.

Here are the highlights: By the way, the Jets cornerback, #24 Revis, shut down Randy Moss all day and got an int over him. That dude is sick and should hands down be an All-Pro this year. He is a lockdown corner and needs to start getting some respect around the league.

Jets 16, Pats 9

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Author: the white kid

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