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Sorry about missing the update yesterday people, apparently everyone hated me yesterday and I worked all god damn day. Don’t they know I’m supposed to be bullshitting on the interwebs? Whatever, today is less hectic so I’ll do a full rundown of the games from the week.

Watch this sweet game winner by the super talented and insanely dumb Brandon Marshall. How the fuck do 5 guys miss that tackle? Whatever, always good to see Dallas lose when you’re a Giants fan.

Speaking of which, the Giants looked absolutely fucking dominating again. Granted, the Chiefs aren’t even close to a good team but the G-Men look unstoppable right now. They probably could have shut them out if they cared in the fourth quarter, but they had a comfortable lead and didn’t need to play hard. Eli now has a banged up heel and hopefully the Giants will bench him against the Raiders next week because they have a shootout with the Saints the week after that. Their backup, David Carr, could beat the Raiders no problem, so don’t risk Eli with further injury. I think I could beat the Raiders if I was the qb right now, god they are bad.

NY Giants 27 – Chiefs 16

The Jets finally tasted defeat at the hands of the Saints. The Jets D looked good and held Brees without a td for the second week in a row, which didn’t help my two fantasy teams with him as my qb. The problem was the Saints D made Dirty Sanchez look like a rookie. They scored two td’s and put pressure on him all game, leaving him with 3 picks and a couple of hits he’ll still be feeling next week. The fact that the Saints are 4-0 with two bad weeks from Brees is scary and they look to be at the top of the NFC with the Giants and Minnesota. The game with the Giants in two weeks will be a good gauge of how good they are. The Jets shouldn’t worry, their D is for real and they should win 10 or 11.

Saints 24 –  NY Jets 10

The game of the week had to be the Ravens at Patriots. Two of the best in the AFC that have had some really good games the last two years. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch it because I live in NY, but the highlights are good. Joe Flacco looked to be leading his team down for a score at the end, but his receiver dropped an easy first down and the Pats won. Flacco looks for real and Mr. Gisele looks to be back into form, I’m sure these two teams will be meeting in the AFC Championship game so this game might matter for a tie breaker.

Patriots 27 – Ravens 21

The sunday night game should have been a good one, but the first three quarters were lopsided. The champs were up big but a couple of turnovers and an onside kick put the Chargers back in it. If their d could have made a stop it would have been a game, but the Steeler’s last TD put it out of reach, even with what looked like two-minute heroics. The Chargers need LT to be healthy and they still have a beast of a tight end in Gates, but they are underachievers to the fullest.

Steelers 38 – Chargers 28

One overtime game this week, in the battle of Ohio, the Bengals edged the Browns with a couple seconds left in OT, narrowly avoiding that annoying tie that fucks up all the standings. The Bengals were ballsy and went for in on fourth and long to go for the win with about a minute left in overtime. The Bengals should have gone for it at that points because the Browns are god awful and it showed on that play. I was gonna leave this game out but I didn’t want the wrath of Ohio on me.

Bengals 23 – Browns 20

There were a bunch of other games that were blowouts or between shitty teams. The Colts are looking like they are rolling through the regular season once again, pencil them in for 12 wins, but I don’t think their D can hold up in the playoffs. Chicago beat up on Detroit, Houston beat up on Oakland, Miami beat up Buffalo, SF beat the shit out of St. Louis (0-16 bound), Washington edged Tampa, and surprisingly Tennessee is now 0-4 after losing to Jacksonville. Didn’t see that one coming.

Did I leave one game out of this post? I’m trying to think of it but it escapes me at this point. Maybe it’s all the weed affecting my memory or maybe there hasn’t been enough coverage of this mysterious game. I wish I could leave it out but it actually was a good game and the media whore himself actually played awesome. The Favre cocksucking by Gruden and the rest of the crew was so bad by the end of the game that I wanted to throw up. He did win the game but what you won’t hear is somebody saying the savior for Minnesota was Sidney Rice. Not only did he have about 70 and a TD, he recovered the two onside kicks at the end of the game by jumping over everyone and rebounding it like Lebron. Minnesota’s D-line was unreal and Jared Allen is a crazy white trash beast. Aaron Rogers couldn’t get 2 seconds to throw the ball and still made it a game at the end. They need a big free agent signing and draft a couple of people to protect him or else he’ll be toast next year. Minnesota looks like they’ll cruise to the Norris Division title as long as Favre doesn’t fall apart by the end of the year.

Vikings 30 – Packers 23

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