Weekly Weed Wrap-Up – 11/18-11/24

This weeks wrap-up from last week!


Washington county courts drop cannabis possession cases after passing I-502

The End of the War on Marijuana

Adventures In Paranoia – Getting High With a Young Islamist

Cashing in on the gold rush of legalized cannabis

New Zealand website calls for national cannabis conversation

Analyzing the Victory

Lawmaker’s in Maine introduce measure to legalize marijuana

Drugged Driving Following Re-Legalization

Arizona approves their first medical cannabis dispensary

Canadian Political Hopeful Justin Trudeau is a Cool Cat, But Does He Really Support Legalization?

Members of Congress ask feds to respect new state laws in a formal letter

Alabama state Representative urges for marijuana legalization

Colorado state representatives introduce bill to protect citizens rights

New television series The Happy Tree from Fox network centering around cannabis legalization

Medical marijuana patients in Arizona may lose the right to residential cultivation

Legalizing cannabis in two states helps Kentucky’s industrial hemp legalization efforts

Washington’s I-502 passed, now can you pass a drug test?

Re-Legalization Brings Cannabis Tourism

Rasmussen:  Alcohol Perceived More Dangerous Than Pot

Sports News: MMA Fighter Thiago Silva suspended for cannabis use

Law Enforcement Joins Congress in Urging Feds to Respect State Legalization of Marijuana

Australian Customs Claiming Cannabis By Mail Is A Booming Business


#WakeAndBake – 11/19

Bong Of The Day: Safe Bong

Mary Jane Of The Moment 11/19

#WakeAndBake – 11/20

These Ladies Could Get It (Because We All Need A Dose)

Bong Of The Day: Based Bong

#ChronicComics: #NotSureIf

Rihanna Sporting A Marijuana Shirt On Her #777 Tour In Berlin

Red Eye Jedi – 11/20

A True Shot To The Dome

#WakeAndBake -11/21

Bong Of The Day: Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 3.2mm – Rasta Master

#WakeAndBake – 11/22

Red Eye Jedi – King Chip

#WakeAndBake – 11/23

Bong Of The Day: Molino Mad Scientist V2

Mary Jane Of The Moment 11/23

Mary Jane Of The Moment 11/24


Doyle Bramhall II “Outside Woman Blues”

Diamond Rugs (Di am on dRugs) “Blue Mountains”

Mixtape: Fashawn – Champagne & Styrofoam Cups

Led Zeppelin “Going To California”

Daily Joint: @Kid_Ink – OG (Prod by Young Chop)

Fall for Anything – Semi ft. Rob McCoy 

Stoner Song Of The Week: Weezer “Hash Pipe”

Killa Kyleon – Get High (Prod. By Cy Fyre) x H-Town Heroes [Mixtape]

Yamin Semali album: Yen Dollar Music, Vol 1


Chicago Bulls’ Nate Robinson with a cool ‘duck under’ move

Short field goal attempt gets ran back for TD!

Sarah Silverman’s iPhone trick on The Conan O’Brien Show

We take a Supercross helmet-cam ride in this HD video

Jeep flips over while climbing a steep rock

ESPN’s sports show First Take discusses legalized cannabis and the NFL

Where is Smokey Bear when you need him?

NBA plays of the week

This is why you won’t find smart tokers in a mosh pit

Celebrity Toker Willie Nelson talks about marijuana on The Today Show

Extreme Sports Video: Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird?

Celebrity Hayden Panettiere scares Michael Strahan with a fake snake live on television

Concert Video: Pink Floyd “Live @ Wembley-1974”

Take a wild helmet-cam ride on a BMX bike with a crash landing

You Have Something On You


Letter From Amsterdam

6 Recipes For A Truly Toasty Turkey Day

Medicated Monday: CouchLock #KannaBliss Supplement Shots

Global Film Festival & Institute comes to New Orleans

Grasscity’s Cyperweek Sales! 25% Off Everything

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