Weekly Weed Wrap-Up 3/18 – 3/25

Another week, another zip of loud and another Weekly Weed Wrap-Up. This past week saw some big steps in Connecticut and some Cali style going on in Colorado. We wanted to know what your favorite marijuana strain is and if The Big Bang Theory supported marijuana. We also looked at why prohibition is a fail and why it failed 40 years ago. As usual I kept you Greenies with good music throughout the week. Some smoking music from Dapper Don and two new videos from Mark Milly and Radical Something. Plus a ton of weed related pictures.


Paid Dues Hip-Hop Festival Ticket Contest

Cali Style Threats in Colorado

A Big Step in Connecticut

Danny Danko x Combat Jack Radio Show: Bad ass interview ensued

What’s Cooking in Cali

Reason Failed, Forty Years Ago

Poll: What Is Your Favorite Weed Strain?

New Jersey still arresting medical marijuana patients

Cannabis Demographics

More Harm Caused by Prohibition

Grilled Ribeye Steak with Canna-Onion Blue Cheese Sauce

Media Versus the War on Drugs: Google + and Public Debate


Stoner Song Of The Week: Dapper Don – Kush Groove

The Dirty Heads announce new album: Cabin By The Sea out June 19

Daily Joint: Milly Esquire – Let ‘Em Say

Daily Joint: Radical Something – Wash Away


The Big Bang Theory Supporting Marijuana?

Bong Of The Day: Homemade Bacardi Bong

Red Eye Jedi – 3/20

Falling Asleep Drunk vs. Falling Asleep Stoned

Mary Jane Of The Moment 3/19

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