Weekly Weed Wrap-Up 4/22 to 4/28

Three rappers were caught or almost caught with weed this week. Rick Ross on his yacht, Curren$y on his tour bus and Wiz Khalfia in his hotel room. Lenny went to the Cannabis Cup in Denver for 4/20. As usual we kept with a ton of news, music and great pictures from this past week in marijuana. Roll up and wrap-up on the latest pot news.


Colorado University Tries To Shut Down Marijuana Rally, Fails (And I was there!)

Curren$y Detained And Released In Dallas For Exactly What You Think

Wiz Khalifa Got Arrested For Weed Too

My Legalization Fantasy: How Hemp Set America Free

Throw Your Weed Overboard When The Police Board Your Yacht Like Rick Ross

Automating Delivery of Medical Marijuana

Wisdom Wednesday: Keep your leaves on

A Big Step Forward in Connecticut

More Unhappy Amsterdam News

The Cannabis Television Network

Tainted Tuesday: Cannabis Caesar Dressing


Lyrical Science: An interview with Hip-Hop artist Psalm One

Rah Digga talks about success, her new app and supporting hip-hop undead

Official Track List For Curren$y’s The Stoned Immaculate

Daily Joint: Curren$y – Smoke One For Spitta (Mixtape)

Daily Joint: Crusa – Coffee Shop


Taco Bell Tweets About 4/20

How Portugal Successfully Decriminalized Drugs

Waka Flocka’s 420 Shirt

Mary Jane Of The Moment 4/26

Stoner Art: Bud Art

It’s 4:20 Somewhere – 4/24


Pipes Dreams Come True In Philly

Rehash: He is probably still high from this hit

No Hope In Dope, Unless You Are Screech

4:20 Flick: Is Instagram The Best Thing To Happen?

An Anti-Marijuana PSA Made By People On Acid

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