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Welcome “Marijuana Majority” Website

Successful people, not just “lazy stoners”, want pot laws to change. That’s the message of new website Marijuana Majority, which displays over 600 influencers including Peter Thiel, Sean Parker, Paul Bucheit, and Dustin Moskovitz who’ve supported marijuana law reform through donations or quotes. Now it wants Twitter’ers to persuade pot-favoring politicians, celebs, and technologists to stand up.
Marijuana Majority’s goal is to debunk the myth that drug law reform is a fringe issue backed only by addicts and the counterculture. In fact, it’s a mainstream movement with advocates amongst the highest levels of government, business, and entertainment. A Gallup poll from last year said 50% of Americans now support legalizing marijuana, up from 46% the year before.

That means there’s nothing stopping politicians from pivoting after the decades-long drug war has failed. The project’s founder and chairman Tom Angell tells me “anyone that understands that the laws are broken and should be fixed shouldn’t be afraid to say so.”
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So, go visit. Original post is HERE.

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Author: DavidB

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  • No doubt, get the country out of debt, LEAGALIZE IT!!!! That way i can bring my palm vaporizer with me everywhere :))

  • Tina

    screw that im on the federal program with a designated grower and im doing just fine. I have no cost to me as the patient and the medicine is awesome …If Gov legalizes first off it will be shit like in flin flon manitoba and second he cost will be an amount we cannot afford ……think about the med users who are on disability and need this for a comfortable life .