Well This is Gonna Set Things Back

Bringing fears to every parent in the US, a bunch of 5th graders were busted when a tasty viddle laced with marijuana oil was found being passed around a group of friends in the school cafeteria.  Read on to find out what happened.

Via “A fifth grader at Stoneman Elementary in Pittsburg brought a medical marijuana edible treat to school, made from delicious Fruity Pebbles, and proceeded to share it with some friends.  The kid swiped the treat from an older sister, and, we quote, ‘Police are looking into whether the older sister has a medical marijuana card.”‘

It’s obvious the kid got into his sisters marijuana stash, so that means medical marijuana is all set to be put on trial?

Before this gets out, and anti-marijuana activists point to it as an example of why medical marijuana is going to slowly infiltrate our youth, OUR YOUTH, let me just point out that none of the kids experienced any ill effects.  “everybody could handle their high and no one had to be rushed off to the hospital.”  Interesting.  That’s not always the case, as the SFist points out, but anyone that thinks marijuana mimicks the crazy effects of Heroine has never been high on either.

No word on who the narc was, but it was 5th grade, so everyone probably told.  Hopefully no one is gonna be receiving Stop Snitching videos from Carmelo Anthony.

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Author: Tyrel

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