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Doobons.com is an online medical marijuana resource for prospective and current patients, caregivers and medicinal cannabis industry professionals. It is designed be a comprehensive source of information for everyone from novice medical cannabis users to experienced industry professionals. Doobons strives to be discreet, safe and professional.  Deep Green is a twelve-hour celebration and learning platform.  Taking place in the Bay Area on April 21, smack dab between the 420 marijuana holiday and Earth Day, the event helps to transform the cannabis movement’s traditional day of consumption to a celebration of holistic human and ecological health, inclusive of cannabis and hemp.   Doobons wholeheartedly supports the effort, and is a 2012 sponsor.
A spokesperson for the business stated,

“Although we are creative and resourceful by nature, the aggressive attacks by federal agencies, in my opinion, have many keeping a low profile, trying to stay out of the US Attorneys’ sights. It’s a quieter place, and it seems to have resulted in a reduction in some of the risk-taking that powers innovation and continuous positive change. It seems like we were rapidly heading in the right direction, but it’s slowed down. It is my hope that everyone who attends Deep Green will leave inspired, with a renewed sense of pride and optimism, so that we can get back to business.”

This year, Deep Green has developed a compelling mix of educational attractions (including a talk by Ed Rosenthal), motivational speakers, high quality vendors, unique products, eco-solutions, great food, visionary art, intelligent discourse, activism, live music, DJs and dancing. Everyone involved is committed to bringing broader awareness and deeper understanding of cannabis and its true potential as a cultural, creative, medical, nutritional, industrial, political and spiritual resource. This perspective is clearly reflected in the event’s overall content.

So, enter Deep Green on your calendar and join your brothers and sisters in fun and learning. There’s more here.

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